We print and apply special finish to classic and fine papers, plastic supports and innovative surfaces, producing a complete range of instruments for communicating, customized according to the specific identity of the client.
We are specialized in prestigious prints and high grade packaging for the cosmetic, fashion, jewellery and luxury sectors, but our printing and finishing proposals also enhance the value of technical and commercial communication.
The distinctive characteristics of our creations are the quality of production and the attention to detail. The aesthetic originality never compromises the functionality of the paper products.




special finishing


paper converting
and packaging

The excellence of our production stems from a work method strongly based on the technical-creative consultancy we offer to our customers and on the integral care, within the company, of each production phase. Experience and cutting edge technology are indispensible to us. We rely on the essential human contribution of the marketing, creative and production staff, endowed with aesthetic sensitivity and marked technical ability.
Those few external processes are entrusted to selected professionals tested over time, capable of ensuring the same quality standards.


The preliminary definition of the aesthetic and technical characteristics of a communications project is a determining phase with regard to the final product: we always confront it with a maximum regard to the client, agency or brand, offering proficiency and creativity.


technical and image consultancy

design and creativity

related services:
publishing of texts, translations, photo shooting

paper products design

colour proofs

prototypes and print tests


Printing is our profession, from 55 years ago, during which we have interpreted the technological evolution of printing: letterpress printing, lithographic printing, digital and UV offset printing.
Our work is not just an expression of the experience acquired in over half a century of business. The excellence and originality of CMYK color printing on pulp-coloured paper or with glossy/opaque effects on special supports, paper or plastic, are the result of a method of work based on constant experimentation of printing materials and products in tight collaboration with the most qualified producers; a daily reality in which every aim achieved is only a new starting point and, as ever, the technical basis which enables creative imagination to freely combine ideas, supports and processes.


letterpress and lithography printing     INFO...

printing and offset UV varnishing on:
fine papers, plastic supports (PVC, PPL, PET etc.),
laminated and hot foil stamping, special surfaces     INFO...

digital printing also with variable data     INFO...


We are specialists in special finishing printing, which we carry out in a great variety of proposals, exclusive in terms of quality of production and attention to detail, effective for every type of image, from the basic to the refined.
The strength of communication of our products is not only based on special printing and varnishing effects which, even on the most innovative supports, enable the play of overlaid chromatic and transparent elements, reflections or iridescent fading. Striking technical ability and refined creativity, know how to renew historical special finishing techniques such as hot foil stamping and embossing, making protagonists of them on their own or in combination – with surprising visual and touch details, or to make original thermo graphic relief elements.


thermo graphic printing tone on tone, single-colour and multi-colour
thermo graphic UV     INFO...

hot foil stamping with metallized and pastel foils
microtexture (microtextured hot foil stamping)
hot stamping without foil     INFO...

embossing and debossing
multilevel and sculptured embossing     INFO...

offset/UV and flexo/UV varnishing
drip off UV and acrylic special effects
iridescent varnishing - diamond effect printing     INFO...

combined techniques     INFO...


Attention to detail, refinement of printing and original paper products, are the distinctive characteristics of our work, always capable of attracting and surprising. On completion of the various printing and packaging processes, the material quality of binding and finishes, up until now unknown to paper, or other special finishes induce further ideas.


metallized and pastel edging
laminations with coloured cores     INFO...

creative die cutting     INFO...

binding and embroidery on paper     INFO...

application of Strass, Swarovski, Studs...     INFO...


We also express quality and originality in the packaging of our products, with classic or innovative binding systems according to the required function and the image to be presented.
Equal creativity and attention to efficiency characterize our paper products, which range through all the commercial and luxury typologies cleverly combining die cutting, gluing and lamination.

paperback binding, paper board binding, Bodonian style binding,
metal staples, spirals, screws, chain stitches, elastics,
Singer thread binding...     INFO...

folders, boxes, folding boxes, self-assembly boxes
customised envelopes...     INFO...

covered boxes, rigid boxes...     INFO...

shopping bags
tags     INFO...

displays, display racks
ring binders     INFO...