Care towards the environment and eco-sensitivity has ever been a habit of Grafica Valdarno, which does not limit itself to using and promoting ecological materials and products, but adopts a system of planning and actions in carrying out its production, and in offering its services, aimed at reducing its environmental impact... “Because for us green is a value”.

Materials and products
Today, the company more and more often proposes eco-sustainable solutions for its clients. The choice of suppliers of papers, inks and certified products, allows for a different offer and guarantees the possibility for the client to create its own printed communication selecting eco and bio-compatible materials which give added value to every project.

Grafica Valdarno always has preferred to acquire equipment and machines for the prepress and printing departments, which optimize the use of electrical resources, consumables and materials.
The use of the CtP system in prepress has enabled, already from 2007, a significant decrease in consumption of water and chemical products, as well as eliminating the electrical consumption for printing plates baking thanks to the use of state-of-the-art materials.

Productive processes engineering is a distinctive Grafica Valdarno capacity, which is able to follow eco-friendly projects, right from the technical conception of the product. Indeed, equipping with environmentally low impact technology is not enough, but the planning ability of the operators is fundamental. Economy of process, careful use of energy, reduction of scrap and waste are daily activities which favour the conservation of resources and a healthy environment.

Objective: green
FSC certification is the next eco-sustainable objective of Grafica Valdarno.